A Boy wanted a Lion, he waited and waited. A Giraffe came along and he asked himself,

“Do I settle for the Giraffe or wait for a Lion that may never come?”

Do any of us really know if we should wait for the Lion?

As the boy grew older his heart still told him he should wait for the Lion but his brain now tells him he should accept the Giraffe.

And if we all choose to wait for our hearts desire how do we go about making the inevitable long wait manageable?

Loss and sadness walk hand in hand together just as laughter and happiness run through the park kicking autumn leaves.

If any of us are fortunate enough to find the Lion often we are unaware of the magnitude of our discovery until we are jolted by loss or a particular spark that ignites our understanding.

Then maybe the only real issue we all face after acknowledging our hearts conquest lies in the human conditions.

We will never be satisfied for long,

Just as a serial shopper looks to their next consumerist fix, a couple in modern love drift into the uncertainty of their choices in the Lion or the Giraffe.

At this juncture the tendency is to lose touch and thus we begin the ‘end’ cycle of complacency, disappointment, disassociation and separation.

This separation of hearts often comes through no particular error on either person’s side.

We simply are what we are, creatures of our own environment our triumph and failures are all linked to those we know and surround ourselves with in this, our modern Westernized world.

Life is simply something that happens to us all while we are busy making other plans and as far as I can discern, the sole purpose of our existence in this world is to kindle the light of meaning in the darkness of mere being.

We all need to step outside our comfort zone, our computerized cocoons.

Be prepared to give up what you are for what you could become. As a snake sheds its skin so to should we shed our previous selves and remember to question whether you have found your Lion or have simply settled for the Giraffe la vie c’est ordinaire