Poems and Lyrics

The Child

A seed of life costs twice the price of any jewel or exotic spice,
We work and play, we burn we fade,

To leave or to stay, questions not present in earlier days.
Indulgence, gratification, modernization and expectations,

The hallmarks of a generation lost in a jungle of capitalist cultural alienation.
Swagger and shout with feet planted firm by the materialist surge.

Should we nurture new life, send infants into the fight?
While we stop to decide the stupid multiply,

Injection moulds for the nihilists, the cold.
Whatever your side, whom ever you fight,

Our pride, our souls, our hearts our warm human hands
We plant them into their minds, into our newborns eyes,

Like the tide that swells, like songs inside shells,
with everything we know we still try to sell,

Ourselves for land rather than bring forth little hands.
Imaginations re-enactment a child’s enchantment,

Life’s mosaic were infants find the fragments,
A child is light pure and bright,

A blanket of blessings,
The only perfect contentment.


As the night drifts into the day I see my lover blissful face,

I know not why my dreams I chase,
I run with you, I run the race,
A flight of delight for you are my grace.

For your soul is the light that lit my path,
The one true thing that illuminates my dark.

I am forever you fool
The Knight in Tinfoil that will keep away the Wolves



Take my hand as we walk through this land,
Chaotic and grand,
Do you understand?
That this is our gift, our lives are so swift,
Were born and we die in the twinkling of an eye.

Something for us, before were both dust,
Is the smile on the face of the child we’ll create.

Something so whole to cherish and mould,
To laugh and to weep
To run and leap,
If only to keep until we both sleep.


Why I consider why that we live and love and work and die,
And know no more than most are told,
Of things, books and stories old,

Any why our maker lets us live,
Why he gives us the things he gives,
For I don’t follow many rules but often walk the way of fools.

I often think “lord why allow me to live and prosper now”?
Then I know some time some way he’ll collect what I should pay,

Why does he not snuff me out?
For I don’t know what life’s about,
The dept I owe for sin is high,
Still he lets me live and love,
Work and die.


Every day I grow a little older,

Every day I grow a little bolder,
Every day I see,
Every day I breathe,

I breathe because I am,
I am because I breathe,
Without you I can’t see,
Without you I can’t be,

You’re everything to me,
And I love you,


Like pollen loves the bees
Like Ocean’s need the Sea’s

I’m yours,
A lover baby through and through,
You’re the mother of my future,
My desire,
My one true need.

You’re everything from nothing
My jigsaws last piece.

I’d give everything to see you,
Anything too be,
Someone that you smiled for,
Someone that you need.

Life is long and hard,
And only fleetingly is she sweet,
I don’t know how to live without you
Without you I can’t breathe.

Tell me that you feel nothing,
But silent I can’t be.