Modernization at a Price

A secret organisation that has existed for many years, there members
hide in the shadows as they push and guide our leaders towards a system
of pervasive social control.
Anyone who has noticed the changes taking place all over the world can
sense there presence and there power. The men and women who belong to
the Brethren have one purpose: they want to control your life.

Now most of you might well be asking:
“who the Brethren?”
“Are they a left-wing or a right-wing group?, What is there political philosophy?”

These kind of questions aren’t misguided, just irrelevant.

Ideology is dying in our new age. Political slogans have become code
words for different cultural and economic groups. In most countries
Left-wing and Right-wing governments share the same goal: to strengthen
the technology that watches our lives. This all pervasive system of
electronic surveillance is called the Vast Machine.

Some of you are already aware if this new system. One morning, you wake
up, look around and realise that surveillance cameras are everywhere. It
feels like you’ve stepped into a giant electronic prison.

The cameras are only a small part of the Vast Machine. Every major
government in the western world is reading your e-mails and listening to
your phone calls with scanning programs that react to certain words and
phrases. Corporations monitor your bank account and credit card
activity. Your mobile phones and your modern cars generate data about
your location and activities.

We can usually see the cameras but the rest of our prison is invisible.
Sophisticated programs acquire information from your purchases, your
work activity and medical records to create a shadow image of your life.
Separate databases are being combined into “Total Information Systems”
and this information will be saved in there systems indefinitely.

Many people will gladly trade their personal privacy for small
improvements in their lives.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, why should I be worried about CCTV cameras?”

We are being watched, but who’s in charge of the watching? Although some
of us freely offer up our private lives to the Vast Machine, we have no
knowledge of how the information is being used and who is using it.
Criminals can duplicate our identities, corporations can manipulate our
spending behavior. Governments can manufacture opinions and crush
dissent. We are seen but they are faceless. We are asked to live in a
transparent house while they are concealed.

In order to justify these changes the Brethren have used the politics of
fear. Kings and dictators have always used fear to strengthen and
validate their power. Much of history is simply a record of one group of
people trying to destroy another group of people who have a different
language, faith or culture.

New technology has made some crucial changes in the politics of fear.
Modern media allows frightening images to be broadcast immediately with
great emotional impact and power. In addition there are very few leaders
that challenge the public to be brave and take responsibility for their

The political credo of our times sounds like an all-powerful parent
dictating to a child:
“sit down and shutup!, im big, your small, im right and your wrong”

Our governments constantly create crisis’s and use the politics of fear
to gain support for their new proposals of privacy violations such as
RFID chips in passports and biometric scanners in airports. The next
proposal with be a crisis that causes us to willingly agree to have
radio chips planted beneath our children’s skin. Some of you might think
that’s an impossible fantasy but the technology is fairly simple.

The infrastructure is already in place for a world where our individual
self becomes just another object like a car or a television set. In this
system we become a mobile ID chip, moving through and environment of
other chips that link and communicate with each other. Our individual
actions are simply more data for the Machine.

Privacy is the ability to control access to information about one’s
self. It’s easy to see that this invisible, all-pervasive system will
destroy any sort of privacy. We’ll lose the power to protect ourselves
from the scrutiny of unknown groups and individuals.

Some of you may ask “is there any value to privacy?”
All new ideas are dependent of some kind of mental privacy = the
potential for peace and reflection.

The vast machine provides information about us and gives authorities a
wide variety of ways to manipulate our thoughts with subtle power.
Everything we hear and see can be shaped to create certain prejudices.

Free will is our ability to make real choices about significant issues
becomes nothing more than an illusion . we are surrounded by targeted
messages that destroy the opportunity to make our own decisions.

Freedom of thought isn’t the only value attacked by the culture of
surveillance. The Vast Machine also gives governments the power to
control our actions. At the beginning of this message I said that
ideology is dead. But a new kind of pernicious nationalism has appeared
along with the spread of religious fundamentalism. Both groups want to
use the new technology to control their citizens. Equal danger exists in
democracies. Many elected leaders want to restrict freedom because it
appears more efficient or simply because they can. Instead of
controlling technology they serve it. Day by day the Machine gains power
over its creators.

Some of us have seen the future clearly. For those who have it feels as
if we are trapped in a large shopping complex hiding our fear, trudging
from shop to shop carrying objects purchased for some reason now
forgotten. Celebrities appear and disappear on screens while the music
continues to play.

When people believe they have no real power, their only choices becomes
those of what to consume…..
Our societies constant emphasis on buying things has
nothing to do with the loss of morality. We feel powerful when we buy
something, so we are easily manipulated to buy more.

I’ve spoken about Freedom throughout this message but to allot of us
that word has lost its meaning. The faces on television use the word
Freedom as a justification for war and the expansion of the Vast
Machine, the word Freedom is used to sell holidays and homes.
Freedom is the ability to think, act and express out views. In a free
society, our rights are respected as long as they don’t harm others. A
political system that allows freedom has validity no matter how you view
mankind. If you believe that humanity is greedy, violent and intolerant
then free thoughts challenges bad leaders and corrupt institutions. If
you have a positive view of humanity then you can see how freedom allows
new ideas and technical innovation. Religious and political
dictatorships lumber down the road like an old lorry spitting out fumes
from a foul exhaust. The entire country can’t turn in a new direction
when the scenery begins to change.

The Vast Machine carries us toward a world where free thought and
expression of those thoughts become difficult and sometimes impossible.
The politics of fear gives our leaders justification for more control.

Some of us have had enough of fear and manipulation.
Some of us chose flight, some chose to fight.

Whatever you thoughts toward our modern society i suggest you ask yourself when was the last time you felt truly free.